About Our Stores

Warp One

9917 82nd Ave NW
Edmonton, AB
T6E 1W6
P: 780-433-7119
Email: WarpOneEdmonton@Gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Warp.One.Comics

Warp Two

12863 97th Street NW
Edmonton, AB
T5E 4C2
P: 780-478-7767
Email: Warp2Games@Gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Warp-2-Comics-and-Games-200341595196

Warp Three

Located in Mill Woods Town Center
2331, 66th Street, unit 329
Edmonton, AB
T6X 1A3
P: 780-462-5767
Email: Warp3Games@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Warp3ComicsandGames

Stronghold Data Solutions Inc.

PO Box 34194
1a Kingsway Garden Mall NW
Edmonton, AB
T5G 3G4
P: None
Email: StrongholdDataSolutionsInc@Gmail.com
Facebook: None
Website Support Email: Mail@WarpCards.com

About This Site

We are a collection of reputable stores that are joining forces in order to present the most complete collection available for purchase. While we actively develop WarpCards.com, cards are available for purchase as they are manually added to the inventory system. This means we will have added many new cards every single day! Importantly, there is a very large amount of data entered by people. This means mistakes will happen. We will rectify problems as soon as they occur and encourage users to contact us if they have any questions.

In the case of a site error, please contact us or report the bug!

In the case of overselling our inventory, you have the option of getting a full cash refund, a full store credit refund, or locking in the card for when we get it next. Locking in a card means that as soon as we procure another version of the card at that condition or better, we will give you the card before selling any without you needing to pay any difference.

In the case of a price discrepancy between the online store and the physical store, the non-zero and/or non-negative price will be taken as correct. If both prices listed are postitive, the physical store will review the discrepancy manually in order to ensure the customer receives a fair option. This is typically done by offering the customer the lower of the two prices.

Slightly Played Versus Near Mint

Many times you will find that a card is mint or NM (near mint) after it was listed and sold at SP (slightly played). This is because some cards are entered mechanically and their condition cannot be guaranteed, so they are inputted as SP. You will only receive SP or better condition cards when ordering a card entered as SP.


Privacy is very important. Stronghold Data Solutions Inc. does not use any personal data for any reason other than completing an order. No personal data is sold, distributed, or shared. That data is used only to complete an order. Cookies are used to complete purchases and are used to allow people to log in to the website. Cookies and Javascript are required to use this website properly.

If you would like to clear all cookies set by this site, simply click this button:
If you have cookie data from this website, its' entirety is visible below (please note, AntiXsrfTokens are created whenever you view a page, it exists for security purposes):

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Data Safety

This website uses a triple redundant method of recording all ordering and payment activity. Credit Card data is encrypted with salts on a separate server. Microsoft's Transparent Data Encryption is used to add a second layer of encryption to all Credit Card data.

International Shipping

Due to the restrictions placed on us by Wizards of the Coast, we are unable to ship unopened, packaged product under 2 years of age outside of Canada. If a product is ordered that meets these age requirements, it will be opened in such a fashion that the cards inside can not be removed without further tearing of the packaging. This includes removal of the outer Wizards Plastic Wrapping on boxes. This will also make resale of the product impossible. We are not allowed to sell to other retail stores under any circumstances and take these rules and restrictions which are mandatory regardless very seriously.

Limitation of Liability

Not all product is shipped with tracking. All orders that are shipped with express options come with tracking. If you would like insurance as well, please make a request by asking us at mail@warpcards.com. If the shipping company loses the package for any reason, we assume no liability. If there are any complaints regarding shipping, the shipping company and information will be released to the customer on request but we will not be obligated to take any additional actions. If the error is on the fault of the website, we will cover all costs to rectify the issue.

The USD portion displayed at some areas of this website has no guarantee of accuracy. The actual rate Paypal and banks update the exchange rate is much higher that the rate we update our estimated exchange rate.